High test dairy milk cow hay for sale

We sell and grow the best-baled Alfalfa hay, Grass-alfalfa mix, Timothy hay, Oat hay, Straw and high quality grain hay blend of oat/ wheat/ barley called (Tri – Mix). All of these are great horse hay feed.

Looking for high-test dairy milk cow hay, stock hay, we have a good supply.

Do you need? Certified Weed Free Alfalfa hay or straw, we have that as well.

Menne Ranch has been growing and selling the best quality horse hay for over 40 years.

Our hay trucks travel all over most of Northern California delivering some of the best quality hay, day and night, rain or shine, just like they have since 1978.

Does your feed supplier sell Menne Ranch hay? Your animals deserve the best alfalfa hay you can feed.