Hay for sale, Alfalfa-Grass-Grain Hay-Grass Hay

for sale, Alfalfa-Grass-Grain Hay-Grass Hay.

Hay for sale in northern California, Menne Ranch  in Fort Jones,Ca

It’s time you start buying better feed for your horses or cows. Menne Ranch can supply you with all the best feed for your livestock.

If you feed Alfalfa-Grass-Grain or Timothy we have just what your looking for.

Ask your feed store to order their next load from Menne Ranch. We have certified weed free Alfalfa and Straw for sale.

Menne Ranch has the best Grass Hay for your horses and if you need timothy  we have that as well.

Our hay is high in protein and baled with the just the right moisture content for a softer  hay your horses will love.

Menne Ranch specializes in horse hay, baled at a weigh so it’s easy for you to handle and flakes that stay together when you feed.

Your horses deserve the best so give it to them. Go to mennehay.com for your next load of Hay.

Need bedding for your horses, we have all types of straw. If you are going out of state and need certified weed free hay Menne Ranch has a good supply.

Hay prices are a little lower this year to start with and now is a good to stock up and buy all can as I think prices will go up by the end of the year.

We only sell by the full load, no half loads or pickup loads, please don’t ask. Menne Ranch has there one trucking company and will deliver your load.


Don’t just buy your Hay by the price only! Take a good look at it, maybe you are  getting what you payed for cheep hay.

In the photo is a view from my office for the next four months.