Hay sales are on a full load basis only! Approximately 480 bales or 25 to 27 tons per load. Buyer is responsible for unloading cost of hay squeeze. Paid for in full upon delivery. We only deliver in a 300 mile radius from Fort Jones, CA

We have a year round supply of hay and ship over 50,000 tons per year. We specialize in high quality horse hay and test our hay for protein and other nutrients. Most years we have a good supply of high test dairy milk cow hay.

Menne Ranch has been selling their hay to feed stores for the past 35 years, chances are you may have feed our hay already.

If you are looking for a year round supply or just one load of hay, Menne Ranch can take the hassle out of buying hay.

We sell, Alfalfa hay, Grass Alfalfa mix, Orchard Grass hay, Timothy hay, Oat hay, Tri – mix (Oat/Wheat/Barley), Oat, Wheat or Rice Straw. We also have certified weed free, Alfalfa and Straw.

All are available in three tie bales, select varieties available in big bales.

For hay sales call Dan Menne at 530-598-2300 M-F 8am to 5pm pst