Menne Ranch is located in beautiful Scott Valley, California in the small town of Fort Jones where it has been in operation since 1971. It started as a small hay ranch ran by Don Menne and his wife Karen and their boys Mike, Tom and Dan. About 1978 we bought our first hay truck and have been delivering our high quality hay ever since. We have grown in size since our small beginning to over 2000 acres of hay ground but our goal has remained the same, be responsible farmers and grow quality alfalfa hay. Don has since retired from farming but is still a great help with his advice and knowledge. The farming operation is now ran by Tom and Dan Menne and their seven children. Dan is in charge of hay sales and deliveries and works hard to give our customers the best hay at a fair price. Tom runs the farming side of the ranch and has kept up with all the best and latest farming practices to provide the best quality hay. Our ranch was started with hard work and honesty and that has remained the same for over 40 years.